Hunger and thirst strike – second day

PRESS RELEASE – Friday 16th May
Hunger and thirst strike – second day
Sacked airport shop steward Gordon McNeill is now on the second day of his hunger and thirst strike. Gordon is occupying the roof of the awning at the front of Transport House in Belfast and will not end his fast until the leadership of Unite meet the commitments made to him and his colleagues, Madan Gupta and Chris Bowyer.
Gordon, who suffers from heart problems, has not recovered from the last hunger and thirst strike in April and his health is deteriorating quickly.
Madan Gupta today announced that, if Gordon is hospitalised or dies, he will take his place. Chris Bowyer will follow him.
Gordon McNeill today said:
“The union clearly never had any intention of implementing the promises they made to us on our legal fees and compensation. An appeal by our former employer, ICTS, against the Industrial Tribunal decision in our favour is due on 24 June. Today our solicitors told us that, because the union would not honour their commitment to fund the costs of the appeal, they were walking from the case and we will have to represent ourselves. That means that Unite are giving ICTS a legal own goal and the victory we won for all trade unionists will be reversed.
“Our fight is against the Unite leadership, not the membership. We are appealing to every Unite member, and to all trade unionists to back us. Remember is senior trade union officials get away with stitching us up, they can do the same to you.”


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