Day 5 – 2nd Airport Worker joins Hunger Strike Tonight


Gordon McNeill enters fifth day without food and water – his health is now critical


Second shop steward, Chris Bowyer, joins the fast


Gordon McNeill is now entering the fifth day of his hunger and thirst strike. His physical contidion is deteriorating rapidly.

His supporters are gravely concerned that permanent damage has already been done to his health and that he will not survive much longer.

A second shop steward, Chris Bowyer, will join the protest by going on hunger strike from midnight tonight.

Discussions have been held with some senior officials of Unite but the union has still not come up with a concrete proposal on honouring their commitments on the outstanding legal fees and on compensation.


Chris Bowyer today said:

“I will be joining Gordon on hunger strike from midnight tonight and will not be coming off this protest until the Unite leadership make good the promises they have made to us.

“We are sacked because we were stitched up by our union official. Now we are all in massive debt because the union has not paid our legal bills as they promised to do. We want no more lies. We want concrete action to solve this.

“The Unite leadership could solve it in a few hours if they wanted to. Gordon McNeill’s life is on the line in the next day or so. They need to act and act now to get it sorted.”
Gordon McNeill and Chris Bowyer can be interviewed at the front of Transport House where their protest is being held. Or they can be  contacted by phone at:
Gordon McNeill – 07934632366
Chris Bowyer – 07764850945

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