Urgent – Hunger and Thirst striker’s health deteriorating fast

“Either the Unite leadership will give me justice or I will die” Gordon McNeill

Gordon McNeill is now on the fourth day of a hunger and thirst strike outside Transport House in Belfast.
His health is deteriorating rapidly and visibly. A healthy person might expect to live a week or so without food and water. Gordon suffers from a heart condition and has not recovered from the previous five day hunger and thirst strike at the start of April. He has already reached a critical stage.
Gordon has made it clear that he will refuse medical treatment if he is hospitalised.

“I am going to see this through to the end. Either the Unite leadership will give me justice or I will die. That is what it has come down to. Some Unite officials have been in contact with me but all they are offering are the same assurances that they have offered countless times in the past and have then reneged on. 
“The conclusion I have drawn from all this backsliding is the Unite General Secretary Tony  Woodley never had any intention of giving us justice. They have not paid our legal bills as promised. They have not paid for legal representation for the Appeal case which could overturn the important legal victory we won for the trade union movement. They  have not offered a single penny in compensation.
“I made clear when I started on Thursday that this would be the last protest and I am even more determined now that it will be. The onus now is on the Unite leadership to act with haste to implement the promises they have made but have repeatedly broken”
Contact Gordon McNeill on 07934632366


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