Hunger and Thirst strike – Day 5


Gordon McNeill’s condition now critical


Chris Bowyer on Day 1 of his fast


Hunger strikers make last ditch proposal to Unite to resolve it.


Day 5 of Gordon McNeill’s hunger and thirst strike and his condition is now critical. He is barely able to walk and would be unable to come off the Transport House balcony where the protest is being carried out. Medical advisors have stated that it will not be long until he loses consciousness.


Following fruitless discussions with Unite officials the shop stewards this morning made a last ditch proposal to resolve the dispute.


Unite are merely reiterating the same promises that they have made since last September and have reneged on every time.


The shop stewards are now saying that if they make a concrete move on one of the three issues at dispute they will take this as a gesture of good faith and will suspend their protest.


The three issues at dispute are: the promise to pay outstanding legal fees for the men’s Industrial Tribunal victory, the promise to fund the costs of the appeal by the employer against this decision, and the promise to pay compensation for the hardship caused by the union’s action.


The shop stewards are now saying that, if Unite now make good their promise on the first of these issues and pay the outstanding legal bill, they will suspend their action. This would mean that the money they have already paid their solicitor would be released and returned to them.


Gordon McNeill this morning said: “We are making a very reasonable proposal. The ball is now in the union’s court. The outcome now depends on whether the Unite leadership are prepared to show good faith on even one of the three issues of dispute.”


A copy of the letter that has been sent by Fintan Canavan, representing the shop stewards, to the Unite solicitors, making the proposal outlined above is attached.
For more information please contact :
Gordon McNeill – 07934632366
Chris Bowyer – 07764850945

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