Gordon McNeill resumes protest at Transport House

Sacked airport shop steward, Gordon McNeill, enters thirteenth day on hunger strike
Gordon resumes rooftop protest on Transport House balcony.
“I will not end this protest until all the issues of dispute with the Unite leadership are resolved. My right to speak the truth is not for sale” Gordon McNeill

Sacked airport shop steward, Gordon McNeill, this afternoon resumed his public protest on the balcony of Transport House. Gordon will this evening enter the thirteenth day of a hunger strike demanding justice from the leadership of Unite.
Last Friday the shop stewards came off the Transport House balcony and suspended public campaigning activities to allow for talks with the union leadership to take place. The issue of outstanding legal bills and payment of the legal costs of an appeal by ICTS against the Tribunal decision in favour of the workers has been resolved.
However the issue of compensation is still in dispute. Discussions have taken place on this but have not reached a settlement. Gordon McNeill today explained:
“When I began this protest I made clear I would not end it until everything has been settled. I am determined not to let the union drag this out any longer. One way or another I am resolved that this will be the last time I will protest against my union leadership about this.
“Under the pressure of the hunger strike and mass support campaign the union have moved on the legal fees. Now all they have to do is make an offer of compensation to myself and my colleagues that reflects the years of hardship they have caused us.
“Such an offer should be made without strings. Every trade union member and the public as a whole deserves to be told the full truth about what has happened to us. My right to speak the truth is not for sale.”


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