Jimmy Kelly’s legacy


Jimmy Kelly confronted by protestors
Jimmy Kelly confronted by protestors





Jimmy Kelly is determined to make trade union history by being the first union leader to put one of his shop stewards in prison. And, just to make matters worse, he wants it done for the crime of protesting outside an empty building!

This is not the first time Jimmy Kelly has tried to get Gordon McNeill thrown in jail. At the end of May, when Gordon was two weeks into a hunger strike and seven days into a hunger and thirst strike, Jimmy did his best to send him down.


On 27 May Jimmy served Gordon with an injunction to stop him protesting on the balcony of Transport House. At this stage Gordon was semi conscious and unable to move around unassisted.

Unconcerned about his medical condition, Jimmy promptly went to the court to have him imprisoned. Don’t take it from us that a trade union leader could act with such Thatcher-like inhumanity – read his own admission of what he did in his current court affidavit (paras 12 – 13, see www.belfastairportworkers.wordpress.com}

“12. As a result of the Defendants actions in May Committal proceedings were prepared and I swore an affidavit in support of having the Defendant committed, a copy of which is attached hereto and marked “JK2” at the time of swearing hereof

“13. The Committal proceedings were not pursued by the Plaintiff in May as the Defendant was hospitalised on or about 28th May… “

So, sadly for Jimmy Kelly, the health service intervened before he could get his way. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Undeterred Jimmy Kelly has now come back to have a second go. It seems that he is determined to be remembered for something – even if it is only as the trade union leader who jailed a union activist for sitting outside an empty building.

Not a legacy everyone would want, but it doesn’t seem that anyone is able to save him from himself.






























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